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Tapioca modified starch is a good choice for free-from solutions; grain-free and gluten-free acting as a binder and texturizer for semi-moist pet foods to improve firmness and elasticity. Starch Extrusion Expert Center at SMS provides many facilities to simulate various extrusion processes. The SMS food expert team is ready to assist you to formulate a premium pet food for a wide market. 

Semi-Moist Pet Food

Good binding capability is a crucial factor in the extrusion process for semi-moist pet food.

Using SMS pregelatinized starches, STARGEL®S, BINDGEL®, VERITY 497 can help you to formulate products with good binding ability, resulting in a firm and elastic texture.

Our modified starch products additionally function as an extrusion aid.

Dental Stick & Pet Chew

The attractive appearance and preferable texture is the main target of developing these increasingly popular products.

SMS solutions BATTER 225, KREATION®5N can provide the firm and elastic texture desirable for this product range.


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